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Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a premier system integration company providing design, engineering, installation along with repairs and maintenance solution geared especially for the safety of life, security solution requirements of both home and commercial clients. We provide CCTV installation service and other security solution for all the small and bigger organizations and among home clients, we provide installation of CCTV installation in apartments and as well as on self-owned residence.

We provide solution in following sectors:
  • Banking and Financial Institution
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Enterprise and Organization
  • Malls and Commercial Complexes
  • Warehouses and Industrial Solution
  • Hospitals and Medical Stores
  • Schools and Educational Institutes
  • Transportation and Military
  • Arms and Ammunition Facilities
  • High Value Goods Storage
  • Multi Outlet Business

Hems Services & Solution has its expertise in designing and making meeting rooms, Board rooms, Conference rooms, Training Rooms, Hi-tech home theatre systems, Network operating centers, Mini theatres , Pubs, cafeterias etc. The high-tech AV integrated rooms helps improve the quality of communication and gives you better control over all the electronic devices installed in the room. We not only have our expertise in “ AV-Integration” but also in taking the turnkey projects where we design the interiors and then give Audio, Video, Voice, Data and CCTV security Solutions.

Our depth of experience includes:
  • IP and analog technology
  • Solutions where these technologies coexist
  • Managing costs and leveraging the most from your existing security infrastructure

Hems is also in the “Office Automation” segment where we distribute Fax machines, Multifunction printers, Photocopier machines, IP-pbx systems and give call centre solutions.  CCTV solutions offer highly efficient surveillance in a number of scenarios. They are now being used extensively in retails, offices, and even residential spaces to keep a track on what’s happening. We can offer a complete solution when it comes to CCTV systems, including cameras and DVRs.

Customer Concerns:
  • Protect people and assets in the building
  • Distinguish suspicious vehicle/person
  • Quick response when emergency happened
  • Secure and convenient entrance control for vehicle/person
  • Ability of remote monitoring
  • Lower operation expense to get better ROI

Solution Features:
  • A comprehensive solution covers most of essential areas of the building
  • Smart cameras help to detect suspicious vehicle/person automatically and instantly
  • System integration makes emergency response more accurate and faster
  • ANPR-based vehicle entrance control makes a safe and efficient access
  • A convenient and centralized access control for staffers and visitors
  • Smart parking management reduces the time cost to find out available parking space
  • Remote access to management platform by PC Client, Web and APP
  • Users can operate and locate the devices on customized E-map
  • Unified management platform simplifies system operation and maintenance
  • Compatible with mainstream standards, easy to integrate with third party

We have a full fledge team of professionally trained technicians who can provide you the best possible service through the installation of CCTVs to repairs and maintenance. The success stories of our company is itself a proven fact that how the CCTV market in India is fast evolving. Well with our successful product groups, we are having a strong industrial and commercial client base in India as well as in international market offering them the best CCTV services and solutions.

Today our company has won the heart of thousands of commercial and industrial organizations across country and we are very confident that in other countries we will able to make a mark though the competition is huge in this field. Our CCTV cameras come with all latest and up-to-date technologies and focus on quality and product durability. Among CCTV we offer IP cameras, Dome cameras, bullet CCTV cameras, wireless CCTVs to name a few. Our IP CCTVs can be operated from any PC, laptop and even from your smart phones like iPhone, Android phones etc.