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100% Virgin Sutli Next2 Virgin Twine Semi Virgin Sutli Reprocessed Sutli
Since last three decades we Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd. Are leading manufacturers of PP Twine (Sutli) in India having four manufacturing units of PP Sutli. We are manufacturing around 120 metric tons of Synthetic Twine and  supplying all these twines on all over India and also exporting in European and African countries. We are the Best PP Twine Supplier in all big cities in India and always providing precious products to our clients, we are among the prominent suppliers in the international marketplace providing superior quality products. For achieving this reputation, we come with world class infrastructure facility and a team of experienced workforce

This product is called by various names like PP Mono Twine, PP Sutli, Plastic Sutli, RP Rutli, PP Garden Twine, Packing Twine, Plastic Twine, Baler Twine, Synthetic Twine, Polypropylene Twine, Poly Twine, PP Twine Spool etc… We are having expert selling staff which can understand all these terminology according to client’s requirements.

This Virgin Twine is high density Polypropylene Twine as it is manufactured from 100% virgin grade PP Granules and some other ingredients for shining and smoothness. This PP Twine is mainly manufactured for export purpose in Europe and American countries. Some of twine is also used in twisting for Rope Manufacturing which is used in shipping and other high profile applications where shining and strength are more important.

Nex2 Virgin Twine is also high density Polypropylene Twine and looks same like 100%Virgin Twine which is manufactured from PP Plant Waste Granules. In some states this Sutli is selling as pure virgin twine as because there is no any difference in its strength, color and shining. In today’s market this twine is having maximum selling potential due to low cost then pure Virgin Twine. This Synthetic Twine is having high profile application in packaging and sealing operations.

This Semi Virgin Twine is also high density Polypropylene Twine and looks same like Next2Virgin Twine but it is not available in transparent white color as it is manufacturing from semi virgin grade raw material which dull in color. This wine is mainly used in agriculture because of its cost and strength. Customer can get the same work like virgin twine with very lower cost. We are exporting this twine in African countries for agriculture applications.

This PP Mono Twine is manufactured from Recycled PP Raw Material and high density color pigments to give it export quality look and strength. And also custom made package size, length and weight according to specific requirement of customer. As we are No.1 Sutli Manufacturer in Gujarat we also can change our product quality and do new experiments according to buyer’s requirements. This Plastic Twine or Plastic Sutli is mainly used in seasonal application for packaging and sealing bundles, bags and boxes.