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Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd. has large sections of services for your appropriate needs. We have contracts with various groups of professional & highly skilled & experienced electricians. For your home & apartments electrical problems, our Trained and highly experienced service personnel associated with us will take care all your electrical problems such as wiring, conceal wiring, board fittings, etc. We also have associated with trained & experienced personnel to deal with Maintenance of power panels, Maintenance of light fixtures and power points, Detection and rectification of any abnormalities in the smooth functioning and electrical fitting.

We offer installations, replacements, repairs, or maintenance for the following:
  • Electrical Wiring & Lighting Design
  • Fuse Boxes & Breaker Panels
  • Backup Generators & Circuits and Outlets
  • Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms
  • Surge Protectors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

When you are looking for professional electrical repairs or maintenance, the electrical technicians at Hems Electrical Solutions are certified to handle all jobs. We are a full service provider, which means we can take care of every aspect of industrial, commercial and residential electrical maintenance, from your HVAC system to the electrical wiring.

Whole House Electrical Systems:
  • Outdoor Electrical Work
  • Smart Meter Upgrades
  • Circuits, Outlets and Switches
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Surge Protectors & Fuse Box Upgrades
  • Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarm Installation

Electrical Repair:
Electrical repairs should be handled by a certified contractor who understands the safety regulations and building codes. When you call the electrical repair technicians at The Hems Group, you can be sure that our professional contractors are fully trained and skilled at their job. We hire only qualified technicians who treat your home and property with respect. Call the local company you can count on; call Hems the next time you need any type of electrical repair.

Electrical Maintenance Service:
Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of electrical maintenance service throughout in India and also completed lots of projects in other countries. We maintain all types of electrical systems and components, including whole building systems, generators, breaker panels, smoke and fire alarms, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. We can handle all your routine maintenance needs, so call today to schedule a check–up or repair service.

Professional Electrical Contractors:
For all your electrical repair and maintenance needs, call the trained electricians at Hems Solutions. Our qualified technicians will get to your home or office as soon as possible when there’s an urgent repair need. We also recommend an annual maintenance check–up for any electrical system. As renewable energy providers, we can also handle repairs or maintenance service for residential and commercial solar or wind power systems.

Any electrical work requires safety measures and technical expertise, as well as working knowledge of local building codes. This is why you’ll want to hire an electrical contractor you can trust. At Hems Solutions, our contractors can take on any job that requires the installation or maintenance of electrical wiring or other components. We can make emergency repairs as well, so call us if something happens with any of the electrical work in your home or office.