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Virgin PP Rope Next2 Virgin Rope Semi Virgin Rope RP Rope
Like our other product we manufacture these Twisted Ropes from high density Plastic Raw Material. The Ropes are manufactured in world class extrusion and pooling machines imported from Korea having the production capacity of 250 metric tons PP Twisted Ropes per month. Custom made package size, length and weight can be manufactured according to specific requirements of customers. These ropes have the highest strength and very high length to weight ratio to give the user a very economical and efficient binder cord and is used mainly for packaging and strapping operation in industries, shipping, household and agriculture.

We are using 100% PP Virgin material to manufacture these PP Ropes having high technology machines. Our expert machine operators maintain the quality according to the customer’s requirements. We also check the material quality in our testing lab before supplying to the client. Our main market for these Virgin Ropes is in European countries. We also make small spools for retail market according to customer’s requirements 

These Plastic Ropes are made by the same procedure like Virgin Ropes but the material used to manufacture in next2 virgin like plant waste and high quality Reprocessed PP Granules. Next 2 Virgin Ropes are same in strength, length and color but slightly dull in its transparency and also gives the same job like 100% Virgin Ropes. These ropes are also being exported in European and African countries.

Semi Virgin Ropes are made from reprocessed material having low strength and shining in compare to next2 virgin. In today’s market this product is having much selling potential due to lower cost with higher quality. We are offering the best quality ropes with lower pricing to fulfill the market requirements. This Twisted Ropes also being exported in African countries.

RP Ropes are made from Reprocessed Plastic Raw Material, calcium powder and some other plastic ingredients. We are adding this powder to decrease the manufacturing cost. This how this product is biodegradable due to calcium powder as it is decomposed in sun light within 3 month. In today’s market this type of PP Rassi is having highest selling potential.