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Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd. provide to our customers a best service of Plumbing Solutions which gives a touch of elegance with all installation and repair of Taps, wash basins, Syntax tanks, Installation of Aqua guards, steel sinks, bath tubs, pipe line connections and drainage line repairs. We offer these Plumbing Solutions service at competitive prices to our most valued customers

What’s our difference?
We turn up when we say we will! Not only that, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know we’re on our way so your time isn’t wasted Our phones are answered 24/7 and we offer a 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship. If you’re not satisfied we will return free of charge. We don’t make a mess! Our team will take their shoes off at the door and use drop sheets to protect your home.

Domestic and Commercial works:
Whether you’re a private home, rental or owners corporation property, restaurant, cafĂ©, bar or a corporate business, we can help. No job is too big or small and all our work falls under our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 24 hours, 7 days a week helps cover you for all situations including emergency call-outs so that your home or business isn’t out of action for long.

Maintenance and Repairs You Can Trust:
Let our plumbers take care of all your plumbing maintenance and repair needs. Whether it’s clearing your drains, or installing products to help you save water and money – we’ve got you covered row of faucet.

At Hems Industries Pvt. Ltd., we believe in keeping up to date with changes in the industry, including changes in plumbing technology. Our plumbers use the latest products, offering you intelligent plumbing solutions for high quality, long-term results.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs:
Don’t let a burst water pipe or a blocked drain bring your business to a halt. Let our experts take care of emergencies such as leaks and blockages, getting you back on track as soon as possible.
Whatever the situation, the Hems team is available to answer your call.

We offer:
  • Drain clearing & Replacing pipe work
  • Concrete cutting, removal and replacement
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Backflow testing, check valves
  • Rainwater harvesting & Water saving device installations
We specialize in:
  • Commercial & Industrial Plumbing
  • Water and gas
  • Drain fittings & Civil Plumbing
  • Valve assemblies & Device installation
We install and service:
  • Pump systems to protect equipment from water damage
  • Fire services to protect infrastructure from fire damage
  • Roof Plumbing

We know we do it right – that’s why we guarantee all our work. Our team of licensed plumbers is dedicated to providing fast, efficient and reliable service in all areas of regional and metro cities. Our experience is in all areas of general plumbing, both residential and commercial and no job is too big or small.